Get Customer Default Billing address by REST Webapi V1/customers/:customerId/billingAddress Magento.

To Retrieve Customer Default Shipping address by REST Webapi in Magento using Endpoint /V1/customers/:customerId/shippingAddress

Just Change the :customerId from the Endpoint with an Original customer ID to fetch the Shipping address of the Customer.

Action: GET

URL:  <Host_Url>/rest/default/V1/customers/:customerId/shippingAddress

HEADER: Authorization:Bearer <ADMIN_TOKEN>

Get <ADMIN_TOKEN> by link, Get Admin Token to use in the REST API header.

Request Payload: NULL


If the Customer has a Default shipping address, the Result will be their default shipping address as an array on the output.

Same Way, You can Get the Default Billing address by Webapi using V1/customers/:customerId/billingAddress

I hope you can understand the logic to fetch the customer’s default shipping address.