How to use get customer search REST API V1/customers/search in Magento 2?

Magento Customer Search Rest API V1/customers/search is used to search by customer-specific fields. You can use customer search API to fetch results by search criteria builder.

Action: GET

URL: <HOST_URL>/rest/V1/customers/search
(Example, http://magento246.docker/rest/V1/customers/search?searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][field]=email&searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][value][filterGroups][0][filters][0][conditionType]=eq)

Authorization: Bearer <ADMIN_TOKEN>

You have to pass the admin token detail as HEADER Authorization from the link, Generate the Admin token Rest API

Payload: NULL


    "items": [
            "id": 3,
            "group_id": 1,
            "default_billing": "2",
            "default_shipping": "2",
            "created_at": "2023-10-05 04:54:09",
            "updated_at": "2023-10-06 12:36:01",
            "created_in": "Default",
            "email": "",
            "firstname": "Rakesh",
            "lastname": "Jesadiya",
            "store_id": 1,
            "website_id": 1,
            "addresses": [
                    "id": 2,
                    "customer_id": 3,
                    "region": {
                        "region_code": "Yorkshire",
                        "region": "Yorkshire",
                        "region_id": 0
                    "region_id": 0,
                    "country_id": "GB",
                    "street": [
                        "my Street",
                    "company": "Test",
                    "telephone": "04433333",
                    "postcode": "LS1 5EN",
                    "city": "Leeds",
                    "firstname": "Rakesh",
                    "lastname": "Jesadiya",
                    "default_shipping": true,
                    "default_billing": true
            "disable_auto_group_change": 0,
            "extension_attributes": {
                "company_attributes": {
                    "company_id": 2,
                    "status": 1
                "is_subscribed": false
    "search_criteria": {
        "filter_groups": [
                "filters": [
                        "field": "email",
                        "value": "",
                        "condition_type": "eq"
    "total_count": 1

Using this way, you can able to search any customer-related field to fetch the result with the help of REST API.

You can pass multiple fields with a single call based on your requirements.

How to create product attribute with select type by REST API Magento 2?

Create Product attribute with select (drop-down) option type by REST Web API Magento 2.
You can create a product select type attribute with the provided payload and basic operation.

Action: POST

Request URL: <HOST_URL>/rest/V1/products/attributes (https://magento.test/rest/V1/products/attributes)

Header: Authorization:Bearer <admin_user_token> Continue reading “How to create product attribute with select type by REST API Magento 2?”

How to get product attribute details by REST API Magento 2?

Get Product Attribute details by use of REST API Magento 2. You can retrieve all the available information from the given product attribute.

Action: GET

Request URL: <HOST_URL>/rest/V1/products/attributes/<product_attribute>(Example: https://magento.test/rest/V1/products/attributes/meta_title)

Header: Authorization:Bearer <admin_user_token>

Response: Product Attribute Details

    "extension_attributes": {
        "is_pagebuilder_enabled": false
    "is_wysiwyg_enabled": false,
    "is_html_allowed_on_front": false,
    "used_for_sort_by": false,
    "is_filterable": false,
    "is_filterable_in_search": false,
    "is_used_in_grid": false,
    "is_visible_in_grid": false,
    "is_filterable_in_grid": false,
    "position": 0,
    "apply_to": [],
    "is_searchable": "0",
    "is_visible_in_advanced_search": "0",
    "is_comparable": "0",
    "is_used_for_promo_rules": "0",
    "is_visible_on_front": "0",
    "used_in_product_listing": "0",
    "is_visible": true,
    "scope": "store",
    "attribute_id": 82,
    "attribute_code": "meta_title",
    "frontend_input": "text",
    "entity_type_id": "4",
    "is_required": false,
    "options": [],
    "is_user_defined": false,
    "default_frontend_label": "Meta Title",
    "frontend_labels": [],
    "note": "",
    "backend_type": "varchar",
    "is_unique": "0",
    "validation_rules": []

This is the basic operation you have to perform to fetch details of product attributes.