Magento 2 Create Custom Category Widget.

In Magento 2, There are many default widgets available in native.
You can check the list of the widget from Magento Opensource by Admin panel.

Go To Content -> Elements -> Widgets

Name of widgets which are an available default,
CMS Page link, CMS Static Block, Catalog Category Link, Catalog New Products List, Catalog Product Link, Catalog Products List, Orders and Returns, Recently Compared Products, Recently Viewed Products Continue reading “Magento 2 Create Custom Category Widget.”

Magento 2 Disable Payment method for frontend only.

Magento 2 You can disable payment method for frontend only using programmatically. You can show the payment method in the admin area only and disable in the frontend area.

You need to create a simple module for disable payment method in frontend. We disable the Cash on a delivery payment method from frontend and enable the payment method in admin only.

Magento contain Magento\Payment\Model\MethodList class and Class used getAvailableMethods() function to check available method on frontend. Continue reading “Magento 2 Disable Payment method for frontend only.”