How to get list of customers Order using graphql magento 2?

How to get List of orders of a customer using GraphQl Magento 2?

We need to create a simple module for getting all the order list of Customer usingĀ GraphQl. Default Magento 2, We can easily get all the orders of a customer by fetch OrderRepository.

Using Graphql, You can get order list of a specific registered customer by customer id.

We need to create a Resolver model and add our custom logic for getting all the Customer Order list. We will display all the orders of a customer in the response of query.

I hope you are aware of What is GraphQl and how GraphQL are used for the programming language like Magento 2 If You are new to GraphQL check link for GraphQl in Magento 2.

Now we can start the module using Magento 2 to fetch all orders of a specific customer. Continue reading “How to get list of customers Order using graphql magento 2?”

Get Customer Custom attribute value in Magento 2.

We can get custom attribute value of Customer in magento 2 by simple way. If we have created any customer attribute in Magento 2 and we need to get that value in any place in code you can just get custom attribute value by below way,

Let’s we consider Mobile attribute value is custom attribute value created for Customer, attribute code for Mobile is mobile.

You can get customer custom_attribute value by,

return will be your customer custom_attribute mobile value.