How to add new Customer Address By REST API Magento 2?

Add Customer Address Using REST API in Magento 2, You have to use the given URL, rest/{store_code}/V1/customers/me with PUT Action method.

API useful when you have to import customer addresses from a third-party platform. Just call REST API and you can import the address to the Magento.

You must require a customer token before adding a new address using REST API. This customer access token value will be passed in the Request Header.

Check the link,  Generate Customer Token by REST API.

Step by step guide to creating a new address using POSTMAN,

Endpoint URL:

Where store_code is your store code. Native store_code is the default. You can get its value from the store database table.



Payload Request Body:

In the Payload body,

first name, Last name, email, website_id are required fields.

Under the addresses object, all the fields are required which I mentioned in the above example.

You can assign default_shipping and default_billing as per your requirement.

When you run the given payload, Output will be display based on your data, and your addresses will be inserted into the customer address.