How to connect Mailchimp integration with Magento 2?

Before Configuration and Integrate Mailchimp with Magento 2, First, you must have installed the Mailchimp extension in your project.

To Synchronise Mailchimp with Magento facilitate the subscription to the Newsletter for the customer and get the service of Mailchimp that will provide a lot of other additional services to the Magento platform.

How to configure Mailchimp in Magento 2?

To Enable Mailchimp from Magento, Just log in with your credentials to the Admin Panel,

Now Click on the left sidebar Menu Option,

1) Mailchimp -> Configuration,

Mailchimp Magento 2
Mailchimp Magento 2

2) From the Mailchimp General Configuration Section,
Choose Yes from the Enabled Field. You can see the above screenshot for reference to the enabled option.

3) Click on the Get API Credentials, and a new popup opens from Mailchimp,

Mailchimp Login
Mailchimp Login API Credentials
When you click on the Get API Credentials button, a new popup will be displayed for asking the username and password for the MailChimp.
After Login with a Mailchimp account, the Second step you will ask to allow for Authorize Mailchimp for Magento 2, Press Allow button to go to the next step in the Popup.
Once you press Allow button, you will see the API key for Mailchimp that need to be added to the API key field of Magento.
Allow Mailchimp Magento access

You can see the final step of Popup from the Mailchimp API key as looks like the given screenshot.

Mailchimp API Key

4) After inserting the API key to the configuration, you need to click the top right button Save Config to save our changes.

This is the process to connect a Mailchimp account with Magento. you can use the subscription feature of Mailchimp in Magento by following the above steps.