How Magento Send Customer Welcome email after registration in Magento 2?

Every eCommerce platform contains native functionality for sending a welcome email after creating an account and Magento is also doing the same for sending Welcome email.

When you click on Create an Account button from frontend or create an account from Admin panel.

Both the events send mail to a customer after successfully create an account.
Magento 2 send Welcome email from the Magento/Customer/Model/EmailNotification file.

public function newAccount(), a function is responsible for sending Welcome email after a successful registration. Continue reading “How Magento Send Customer Welcome email after registration in Magento 2?”

Send mail from custom module Magento 2

To send custom email in Magento 2 using the module, We need to create a custom module to send email to a specific recipient.

Out of the box, Magento Provides multiple mail template, like Sales Order, Customer mails, Contacts and so on.

If you want to send your custom mail functionality using Magento 2, You need to create a simple module and create a custom template file using Module for mail body.

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How to get customer data by customer email in magento 2?

You can get customer information by just passing customer email using below code snippet, Create Block file,

Call getCustomerByEmail() function in template file,

Get all customer data by below way,
echo “<pre>”;print_r($customer->__toArray());

For, Get customer data by customer id using below link,