How to Importing additional multiselect Product attributes CSV Magento 2?

Import additional select, multi-select attributes with Product CSV in Magento 2 using adding additional_attributes column.

Create a CSV file with the first column is the sku and the second column will be additional_attributes.

You must add a multi-select attribute value with the pipe separator.

Let’s take a Material Multi-select attribute from the Magento opensource Sample data,

Attribute code is material and value we want to set as,
Wool, Canvas, and Burlap.

Column value will be material=Wool|Canvas|Burlap with each value separated as Pipe Separator ( | ).

You don’t need to add any single or double quotes for the value. The value will be plain without a quote.

if you want to add a single value, no need to add a pipe separator.

You can also add multiple attributes using the additional_attributes column with comma-separated each attribute.

Like, material and color attribute.


Your Final CSV will look like,

Additional attributes CSV

You need to import CSV from the Admin Panel,

  1. System -> Import
  2. Choose Product from the Entity Type Dropdown.
  3. Select your CSV with Add/Update Import Behavior.

Check the Product from the Backend with the updated value.

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