How to attached Download sample file at Import functionality in Magento 2?

Magento 2, Out of the Box provides Import functionality for Catalog and Customer entity from admin panel via System -> Data Transfer
-> Import link.

You can create your own new entity type for import data using the Import link. When you create your own module you need to attached Download sample file for new user to easily manage Import data. Continue reading “How to attached Download sample file at Import functionality in Magento 2?”

How to import image using CSV in Magento 2?

Magento 2 Image import functionality is supported by Out of Box Magento. Its default Feature of Magento, you can import a list of product images via CSV from admin panel.

If you want to only import images for a product, You need to create a CSV file and add columns for different images.

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How to import configurable product in magento 2 using CSV?

You can import configurable products in Magento 2 by CSV from admin panel.
Log in to admin panel with your credentials.
Go To System -> Data Transfer -> Import
From Entity Type Select Products.
Select Add/Update from Import Behavior settings.

For Import Configurable product using csv, first verify its simple product exist or not in catalog, If child product is not available in catalog, You must create first its child product or Assigned all the child product in CSV before configurable product row.

You are familiar with simple product import. if you dont know how to import simple product please refer link.How to import simple product in Magento 2?

From simple product to configurable product main difference in column are configurable_variations and configurable_variation_labels
Both column is must required to import configurable product.

configurable_variation_labels => size=Size,color=Color
Super attribute code if the configurable product made with multiple attribute keep value with comma separated.
Example, where size, color(lowercase) is attributed code and Size and Color(attribute label)

configurable_variations => It contains the pair of all the child product SKU, super attribute value separated with PIPE(|) operator.

sku=Test Simple 1,size=S,color=Red|sku=Test Simple 2,size=M,color=Blue|sku=Test Simple 3,size=L,color=White|sku=Test Simple 4,size=XL,color=Yellow

Where sku=Test Simple 1,size=S,color=Red (simple product 1 sku and color and size value) for second product we must use pipe(|) operator and set value of second simple product and so on.

Don’t forget to run¬† indexer command,
php bin/magento indexer:reindex

Download Configurable Product Import Sheet.