How to Identify company module is active in B2B Magento 2?

You can identify Company module status like enable/disable using programmatic way.

Native Company module has a class called Magento\Company\Api\StatusServiceInterface contains the method isActive() to check the module status.

Just instantiate the interface in your class file and call method to verify the company module status.

namespace Jesadiya\CompanyModuleEnable\Model;

use Magento\Company\Api\StatusServiceInterface;

class CompanyModuleEnable
     * @var StatusServiceInterface
    private $companyStatus;

    public function __construct(
        StatusServiceInterface $companyStatus
    ) {
        $this->companyStatus = $companyStatus;

     * Return user type
     * @return bool
    public function isCompanyModuleActive(): ?bool
        $isCompanyEnable = $this->companyStatus->isActive();
        return $isCompanyEnable;

Call method to identify status,
echo $isCompanyActive = $this->isCompanyModuleActive();

If Output is 1, Company module is enable to work with B2B in Magento.