How to check company registration is allowed from the store front B2B Magento 2?

Company Module in B2B Magento 2 allowed to create a registration for the company user from the storefront in Magneto 2.

Its store configuration setting to enable or disable storefront registration. By default, the B2B module allowed to create a registration from the frontend.

Go To admin panel,
Stores -> Configuration -> Company Configuration -> Allow Company Registration from the Storefront -> Yes/No.

You can check it also using the programmatic way with the use of StatusServiceInterface.

namespace Jesadiya\CompanyRegistration\Model;

use Magento\Company\Api\StatusServiceInterface;

class CompanyRegistrationEnable
     * @var StatusServiceInterface
    private $companyRegistrationAllowed;

    public function __construct(
        StatusServiceInterface $companyRegistrationAllowed
    ) {
        $this->companyRegistrationAllowed = $companyRegistrationAllowed;

     * Company registration allowed from the store front.
     * @return bool
    public function isFrontRegistrationAllowed(): ?bool
        $isStorefrontRegistrationAllowed = $this->companyRegistrationAllowed->isStorefrontRegistrationAllowed();
        return $isStorefrontRegistrationAllowed;

Call method to identify status,
echo $isCompanyActive = $this->isCompanyModuleActive();

If Output is 1, Company module is enable to work with B2B in Magento 2.