Get Post data or Params Data in after plugin magento 2.

You can get Post Data value in After plugin using Magento 2.

You can get all the Params() data in after plugin which is sent by request. If you send the query string Or data within the URL, you can get those data using getParams() in after plugin.

You need to create a plugin for any Execute Method you want to extract data from the request.

You can get all the params value using below syntax in afterPlugin,

You can get all the post value using below way,

Example for Get Address Id after Delete Customer Address in Magento Backend,

use Magento\Customer\Controller\Adminhtml\Address\Delete as MagentoCustomerDelete;

 * Class PluginDemo Plugin.
class PluginDemo
     * Address Delete Plugin after execute
     * Get Address Id and Customer id afterexecute Call
    public function afterExecute(MagentoCustomerDelete $subject, $result)
        $customerId = $subject->getRequest()->getParam('parent_id', false);
        $addressId = $subject->getRequest()->getParam('id', false);
        // YOUR_CODE_HERE

You can get many other useful function using $subject in After Plugin method by checking below way,