How to enable Category Permissions feature in Magento Commerce?

Magento Commerce Category Permissions feature comes with disabled but if you want to enable the category permission feature you can do it using the command line only.

For security reasons, this field will be not editable from the admin panel.

You can see the category permission feature from,

  • Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Catalog
  • Now Choose Catalog underneath from the left sidebar,
  • Expand the Category permission section,
  • By Default Enabled Field will be No and you can’t able to modify it from the admin panel.

You can Enable the Category Permission feature using the command line,

Run CLI Command from Magento Root path,

php bin/magento config:set catalog/magento_catalogpermissions/enabled "1" --lock-config

Where catalog/magento_catalogpermissions/enabled is the path of the category permission feature in the Admin panel. Using the above way, you can see entries are generated under the app/etc/env.pnp file,

'system' => [
    'default' => [
        'catalog' => [
            'magento_catalogpermissions' => [
                'enabled' => '1'

You can also manually enable the category permission feature by inserting the above entry in the env.php file.

–lock-config parameter used to process file lock flow of config:set command.
This processor saves the value of configuration into app/etc/env.php and locks the field for editing in the Admin interface so you can’t able to modify the value from the admin panel.