What is the difference between Sales Rule Auto vs Specific Coupon vs No Coupon setting in magento 2?

In Magento, Module SalesRule provided the functionality to discount based on the different criteria set up by the site admin.

When setting up new sales rules for Magento, You need to understand a few of the stuff regarding Coupons.

There is a Coupon field in the rule form.
When you check the coupon field, it will be three predefine options.

  1. No Coupon
  2. Specific Coupon
  3. Auto

No Coupon:(Automatic Applied) It means a coupon is not available. When Cart satisfied the specific conditions of the rules, It will be automatically applied the discount to the cart.

Specific Coupon (Manual Action): You need to create a specific coupon and you need to apply it manually from the Cart or Checkout page.

Auto (Manual Action): Auto coupon means you don’t need to create a coupon, Coupon will be generated automatically using queue consumer.
You can select a coupon from the rule edit page Manage Coupon code section.

You can do it promotion by fetching that coupon and the user can able to apply it from the cart or checkout page manually.