How to change sort order of product attributes from product edit page in Magento 2?

As a Magento beginner, You thought about changing the position of product attributes displayed on the admin product edit page.

If you don’t know how to change the sort order on the product edit page, This tutorial is for you to fix the sort order rendering on the product edit page.

Let’s say the product has assigned Attribute set to Default. You need to confirm the product attribute set from the product page.

Now, You have to go Admin panel,
Click on Stores -> Attributes -> Attribute Set
Edit the required attribute set from the available list.

You can able to see the Attribute set edit page with three columns,

1) Edit Attribute Set Name
2) Groups
3) Unassigned Attributes.

From the Groups Section,
You have to find your attribute name and just drag the specific attribute to your desired location. you can change the attribute group from here. You might set other unassigned attributes to Groups.

After doing your changes, Hit the Save button from the top right side.

You can able to see the changed sort order for the product attribute in the product new/edit page by reloading the page.

These are the basic steps you have to perform to change the sort order of product attributes. Isn’t it simple?