How to perform event action for Catalog Product after delete completed?

You can perform event action to successfully Product deleted in Magento 2 by the catalog event name catalog_product_delete_after_done. This is the perfect event for product delete observer.

If Magento is sync with a third party ERP system and wants to sync product data between two platforms, if product deleted in Magento and want to delete a product from the ERP, You can perform this action using Magento native Event catalog_product_delete_after_done.

You can see the native Magento event declaration from the Model file, Magento/Catalog/Model/ResourceModel/Product with method name delete($object).

Create an Event in adminhtml area by events.xml file,

Create an Observer file,

In Observer file, You got the product id which was the latest product delete from the Magento.

This event is used to remove product-specific data once the product is deleted from the Magento instance.

You can explore the real-time example from the Review Module with admin events in native Magento.

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