How to stop or disable mail sending from the Magento 2?

Magento provides by default Email communication to be enabled to notify customers of different emails for their activity in the site like creating an account, newsletter subscriber, order related activity.

When you are dealing with Data Load activity for the system before GO Live of your store, you want to stop sending emails from the Magento, you can stop it using the Magento admin panel.

You can disable Email communication from the Admin Panel,

Login with admin panel,

  • Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration,
  • Choose Section, Mail sending Settings,
  • Set Yes to Disable Email Communications Dropdown.
  • Click on Top Right Save Config Button to save changes.
Disable Email Communication
Disable Email Communication Magento

You can stop email sending for the specific store view level also if you have multiple stores for the website in your system and want to stop for the specific store view.

Just choose specific store view scope from the Left Top bar and apply your changes for the store view level.