How to reset password for the Magento Admin Users?

You can reset the admin user password from the Magento admin panel by hitting the admin URL in the browser.

1. On the Admin Login page, you will be able to see the Login form with forgot password link after the form. Just click on the link,

Forgot Password Admin User
Forgot Password Admin User

2. After Click on the link, it will display a login form to ask Email address and Captcha,

password reset admin
Password reset admin form

Once you click on the Retrieve password button, you will get an email to reset a password for the admin user.

3. You can see the Success message after entering the correct info to the email address and captcha field.

Password reset form

4. Now You have to set a password for the current user by clicking on the mail link,

Forgot Password admin user
Forgot Password admin user

Now you are fine to log in with the admin panel by username and password.