Missing binding /project/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/linux-x64-64/binding.node while yarn build-all.

Recently I faced an issue while building yarn for one of my projects with the node build all command.

Error Display on CLI when running the command, yarn install && yarn run build-all

Error: Missing binding /home/rakesh/projects/projectName/app/design/frontend/Theme/default/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/linux-x64-64/binding.node

Node Sass could not find a binding for your current environment: Linux 64-bit with Node.js 10.x

The issue I am facing in my project is due to a lower version of the Node JS version used in the project while I am using the latest node version in the project and trying to run the command.

I have just reinstalled the node library by deleting existing node_modules to your path, (/projects/app/design/frontend/Theme/default)

rm -rf node_modules
npm cache clean --force
yarn install && yarn run build-all

Also, You can check all the downloadable Node versions in your system by running the given command,

nvm ls

Using the above command, you can see all the available node versions in a system.

->     v10.24.1
default -> node (-> v17.5.0)
iojs -> N/A (default)
unstable -> N/A (default)
node -> stable (-> v17.5.0) (default)
stable -> 17.5 (-> v17.5.0) (default)
lts/* -> lts/hydrogen (-> N/A)
lts/argon -> v4.9.1 (-> N/A)
lts/boron -> v6.17.1 (-> N/A)
lts/carbon -> v8.17.0 (-> N/A)
lts/dubnium -> v10.24.1
lts/erbium -> v12.22.12 (-> N/A)
lts/fermium -> v14.21.3 (-> N/A)
lts/gallium -> v16.20.1
lts/hydrogen -> v18.17.0 (-> N/A)

Here, the Arrow indicates in the first line is the currently used Node version. (10.24.1)