Magento Error The consumer isn’t authorized to access %resources in Rest API using postman.

While you work with REST API in Magento and you got the error like, The consumer isn’t authorized to access %resources.

Error Response will look like this,

"message": "The consumer isn't authorized to access %resources.",
    "parameters": {
        "resources": "self"

1) Case 1,
You need to first check your Authorization Bearer Token value in the Header.

Is it the correct authorization token provided and verify it’s not expired or can add again latest token value from the Customer token API?

2) Case 2,
If Your Access Token value is correct and not expired still you are facing the same error in POSTMAN,
Just Delete the Cookies from the POSTMAN.

You can delete a cookie by clicking on Cookies (Or three-dot button) on the top right section of your headers tab
New Popup opens and removes your current site cookie value by clicking on the X icon.

Just try to send a request using postman and check again the API.

You can delete the cookie from the POSTMAN by checking the attached image,

Remove Cookie postman
Click on Cookie postman

New Popup opens with look like,

Remove Cookie
Click on X Icon to Remove Cookie from your site.