Magento 2 Override order/tracking/view.phtml tracking file for backend.

To Display Tracking information in the backend view for shipment, Magento 2 uses a order tracking view.phtml file from the Magento_Shipping module.

Full path: Magento/Shipping/view/adminhtml/templates/order/tracking/view.phtml

You can override view.phtml file using layout handle.

Magento uses the view template file at three different layout handle.

1. adminhtml_order_shipment_view.xml (Display track information in shipment page admin panel)
2. adminhtml_order_shipment_removetrack.xml (Delete Tracking info by click on Delete icon shipment page)
3. adminhtml_order_shipment_addtrack.xml (Add new Tracking from admin panel shipment page)

Create a simple module and override using below way,
1. adminhtml_order_shipment_view.xml

2. adminhtml_order_shipment_removetrack.xml

3. adminhtml_order_shipment_addtrack.xml

Create a Template file in your module with adminhtml folder.

Clear Cache and check the shipment page in the admin panel. Your template overrides with the core template file.