How to get Product Stock Item by REST API V1/stockItems/:SKU Magento 2?

You can fetch product stock-related data like Qty, status, manage stock by REST API V1/stockItems/:SKU

URL: <BASE_URL>/rest/V1/stockItems/:SKU (https://magento246.test/rest/V1/stockItems/MySku)

Header: Authorization:Bearer <ADMIN_TOKEN>

Action: GET

Payload: none


    "item_id": 12,
    "product_id": 8525,
    "stock_id": 1,
    "qty": 3,
    "is_in_stock": true,
    "is_qty_decimal": false,
    "show_default_notification_message": false,
    "use_config_min_qty": true,
    "min_qty": 0,
    "use_config_min_sale_qty": 1,
    "min_sale_qty": 1,
    "use_config_max_sale_qty": true,
    "max_sale_qty": 1000,
    "use_config_backorders": true,
    "backorders": 0,
    "use_config_notify_stock_qty": true,
    "notify_stock_qty": 1,
    "use_config_qty_increments": true,
    "qty_increments": 0,
    "use_config_enable_qty_inc": true,
    "enable_qty_increments": false,
    "use_config_manage_stock": true,
    "manage_stock": true,
    "low_stock_date": null,
    "is_decimal_divided": false,
    "stock_status_changed_auto": 0

In the response, item_id will be used to update specific product stock data.

All the data coming from the table, cataloginventory_stock_item

You can see only stock-related data in a response. Instead of calling Get Product API to fetch all the product data, Given API will be used in a situation where we need only inventory-related stuff.