Get list of payment methods by store id in Magento 2.

You can get all the payment method list using Magento 2 by PaymentMethodListInterface interface getList() method.

You can fetch the list of all enable/disable payment method with the specific store, Payment code, and name.

You just need to pass current store id in the getAList() method of above PaymentMethodListInterface interface. You can get the Store Specific Payment list by below way,

namespace Rbj\Payment\Model;

use Magento\Payment\Api\PaymentMethodListInterface;

class AllPaymentByStore
     * @var PaymentMethodListInterface
    private $paymentMethodList;

    public function __construct(
        PaymentMethodListInterface $paymentMethodList,
    ) {
        $this->paymentMethodList = $paymentMethodList;

    public function getAllPayments()
        $storeId = 1;
        $activePaymentMethodList = $this->paymentMethodList->getList($storeId);
        return $activePaymentMethodList;

You can call the above function and iterate over a loop to get all the payment method list for the store,

$payments = $this->getAllPayments();
foreach ($payments as $payment) {
  echo $payment->getCode(); //paypal_express
  echo $payment->getTitle(); //PayPal Express Checkout

Using the above way, you got the result of all the Payment method list by Store id.