How to enable Adobe Stock Integration with Magento 2?

Adobe stock integration functionality with Magento 2 provides a searchable API in the Magento Admin panel to experience the Image Preview and use adobe stock images inside PageBuilder or WYSIWYG content to the site for the Create Product, CMS Page and Static Block.

Magento Admin users can access Adobe Stock from Media Gallery, find specific images, save the watermarked images, create a licensed image, preview and try it with available content.

You can Enable the Adobe stock integration from the Magento admin panel. Adobe stock feature available from the Magento 2.3.4 Version.

Admin Setting:
1. Store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System Tab.
2. Now Click on Adobe stock Integration Section,
3. Enable Adobe Stock to Yes.
4. Add API Key (Client ID) and Client Secret text field value from the Adobe Integration.
5. Save Config to save changes.

Adobe stock integration
Adobe stock integration Magento 2

You can retrieve the API Key and Client Secret Step by Step Details from the Github Adobe Stock