Display Order Summary in Shipping Step of Checkout magento 2.

You can display Order Summary like Order total, subtotal, discount, and shipping charges on the first step (Shipping step) Of checkout page.

By Default, Order Summary in Shipping step is Disabled and it will be loaded through the abstract-total.js file of Checkout module.

You need to create mixins for abstract-total.js file to show order summary in the shipping step.

isFullMode() function is responsible for show/hide Order summary on first step of checkout page.

You need to create mixins for js file, Create requirejs-config.js file to define mixins definition,
Path: app/code/Jesadiya/Checkout/view/frontend/requirejs-config.js

Where Jesadiya is Packagename and Checkout is your module name under the app/code.


Now Clear the cache and Check the first step of the Checkout page, you can see Order Summary Sidebar in Right side of Shipping step of the Checkout page.