How to use different syntax of underscore JS template engine?

Underscore JS template engine used to compile javascript template into such a function to render the content with HTML file.

Underscore JS uses different syntax to render content into HTML format.

Syntax of template method in underscore JS,

_.template(templateString, [settings])

There will be three different syntax underscore js used,

  1. <%= %> Interpolate HTML tag to normal text in result.
    var htmlContent = _.template('<h2><%= name %></h2>', { name: 'Rakesh' });
    //Output will be, Rakesh
  2. <%- %> Keep HTML tag in result.
    var htmlContent = _.template('<h2><%= name %></h2>', { name: 'Rakesh' });
    //Output is, <h2>Rakesh</h2>
  3. <% %> used to define logical conditions for the execute code.
    <% if (value > 0) { %>
      Execute code here.
    <% } %>

    You can use syntax based on your requirement.