Difference between Void and Cancel an order of Magento?

Void doesn’t close the order. After Void from Order, Payments have to be refunded to Payment Gateway. Still Voiding will let you create the offline invoice later.

Cancel, Cancel Order means to close the order. In Order canceled you can’t order to be modified after the cancel order.

How to add custom tab in admin Sales Order view magento 2?

In Magento 2, Sales Order Page in the admin panel, Many Tabs are available by native like Information, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos, Transactions and comment history.

For your custom requirement, you need to add extra tab in Order page, You can add your custom tab in Admin Order View page by just simple module.

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Get sales order data using Graphql in Magento 2.

GraphQL is a new concept from Magento 2.3 version in Magento eCommerce. Using Graphql we can get sales order data. There are many default core module uses GraphQl for getting data like, Product, CMS Page, and Block, Customer module uses Graphql for getting data of a specific entity. Magento Doesn’t use GraphQl for Sales Specific entity in core module.

I have just demonstrated how to get order data using GraphQl in Magento 2 based on order id. We can get details of Order basic entity, billing address and shipping address and Used items in Order.

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