How to get all the Items of Order In Magento 2?

In this tutorial, We want to get all the items of the placed order. The customer placed an order and after place order, if a developer needs to get all the items programmatically this tutorial will help them.

We can get all the items of order by order id in Magento 2 by just simple code snippets. For,  getting all the items of Order we need to required order id.

Using ObejctManager,

Using Modular Way, Proper Way for Development
Getting all the items of Order using Best Magento way, By Creating the module,
Create Block file,

Call function from Template(.phtml) file,

You got a result of all the items of the specific order.


How to get Order Item Selected Options in Magento 2?

We can get Product selected options in Magento 2 by just simple code snippet, We can get selected options of Bundle, Configurable and Grouped product by below code snippet.

Customer purchased the configurable product with different variant and if you need to get selected variant of Product using Programmatically, Below code is useful to get Configurable and Bundle product selected options.

First, you need to get Item Object from a specific order.
Call below function in PHP file,

In template or PHP file, You have already Order or Quote object for getting all the items of Quote or Order. You can get Order Object by Get Order data by order id

The output will look like,

configurable product selected options
configurable product selected options