Get Cms Blocks collection using Graphql Magento 2.

Get All CMS static block using GraphQl in Magento 2 by a simple module.

We can get all the CMS Static block collection by GraphQl by just create a Resolver file and add our custom logic for getting all the CMS Static block collection.

If you want to know Out of the Box Magento cmsBlocks Query, Refer a link with more explanation, Cms Page, and Cms Blocks GraphQL Query in Magento. 

You can add the filter to the condition for getting specific CMS Static block also in the Resolver PHP file.

I hope you are aware of What is GraphQl and how GraphQL is used for the programming language like Magento 2 If You are new to GraphQL check the link for GraphQl in Magento 2. Continue reading “Get Cms Blocks collection using Graphql Magento 2.”

Create a Custom module using Graphql in Magento 2.

GraphQL is a new concept from Magento 2.3 and Many Magento Enthusiastic have eagerly waiting for the simple module using GraphQL and how GraphQL interacts with Magento 2 and why GraphQL is used for Magento 2 and so many other stuff around GraphQl.

I want to give a demo of a simple module of GraphQL in Magento 2. How GraphQl is actually used in Magento 2 using programmatic way and so on. Continue reading “Create a Custom module using Graphql in Magento 2.”

GraphQL in Magento 2.

An Articles for the GraphQL in Magento 2.

From the Magento 2.3 and Higher Version, Out of the box, GraphQL Feature will be available in Native installation. GraphQL is the Type of API for the front end UI with a Headless Approach. Continue reading “GraphQL in Magento 2.”