Create a Custom module using Graphql in Magento 2.

GraphQL is a new concept from Magento 2.3 and Many Magento Enthusiastic have eagerly waiting for the simple module using GraphQL and how GraphQL interacts with Magento 2 and why GraphQL is used for Magento 2 and so many other stuff around GraphQl.

I want to give a demo of a simple module of GraphQL in Magento 2. How GraphQl is actually used in Magento 2 using programmatic way and so on. Continue reading “Create a Custom module using Graphql in Magento 2.”

Graphql in Magento 2.

Magento 2.3 Version comes with Many new features like Multi-Store Inventory, PWA, GraphQl and Many others will be available in future like Magento Payment and etc.
You can download Magento 2.3 Beta version from GitHub.
I will discuss One of the most awaited features called GraphQL in Magento 2. Continue reading “Graphql in Magento 2.”